Keys technologies

PACS_icone PACS - MACS - EMR - EDM to manage the recovery of the production of images and all medical documents, storage and archiving, their display and communication.
WM4R_icone Workflow Manager to manage transactions and operations to be performed by each of the players in one or more medical processes. one tool for all processes:
  • Production (Radiology, Cardiology, cross dictation, ...)
  • and collaboration (Tele-Imaging, Tele-Expertise, Tele-Consulting, Tele-monitoring, ...)
PM4R_icone Planning Manager to manage meetings depending on the availability of resources (personnel and equipment) and holidays.
Webconference_icone Web conference to manage the linking, real time application sharing, tele-conferencing and tele-consultation.
bus_interface_icone Bus Interfaces to fit your existing solutions and processes and thus ensures operational and effective integration with all your Information Systems.