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Our History

With a team of 40 professionals, 90% of them engineers, a turnover of 4.5 million euros, including 15% dedicated to research and specialized in software for health institutions, ACCELIS is also today a leader in the field of telemedicine. Having grown steadily for 15 years, ACCELIS continues to expand its areas of expertise and provides know-how to more than 260 customers in France.

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Our Vision

With over 15 years of experience, ACCELIS' speciality is the major importance it attaches to the efficiency of organisations. By deploying new solutions, it helps make health organisations more efficient and develop new services tailored to the needs of professionals, patients and citizens.

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In 2017, MNH GROUP joins ACCELIS & ETIAM strength

Facing important healthcare concerns like the decrease in term of healthcare professionals’ demography or inequality in term of access care, telemedicine is becoming more and more present since early 2000s. Healthcare Systems’ change through telemedicine practices is now a reality and an unavoidable trend for improving healthcare services worldwide : providing better quality of care, answering increasing care needs, breaking down barriers between towns and hospitals in lack of specialists, improving patients’ follow up, reducing healthcare costs…

The new company gathering ETIAM and ACCELIS’ expertise and know how, will be named ACETIAM, First European multispecialty telemedicine editor and operator.

the recent acquisition of ETIAM, MNH GROUP announces the acquisition of ACCELIS, software editor and reseller with regards to Radiological Information System (RIS), Archiving systems, Viewers and radiological images sharing systems (PACS). ACCELIS is also a telemedicine operator.

ETIAM and ACCELIS connect healthcare facilities and medical specialists, and offers teleconsultation, tele-interpretation services such as tele-expertise in the following fields: teleradiology, tele-stroke, tele-pathology, teledermatology, tele-ophthalmology, and tele-mammography, telemedicine in Nursing homes, tele-expertise and healthcare duty…

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